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Team and leadership development

Developing extraodinary teams and individuals

Team and leadership development

Having fun together also provides a unique chance to explore natural behaviours because when people are having fun they’re relaxed and they behave more naturally than at any other time. Based on this premise, we developed a process that has helped organisations to engage their people in positive change for the business and themselves. ‘Developing Businesses Through People’

Business Focused

We focus on real work and real solutions. We don’t phobia bash, teach people to recite textbook theories or encourage group hugs. We help your team discover and overcome disconnects in business performance, supported by consultants with real world experience.

Accelerating Experiential Learning

Through integrating experiential learning with more traditional workshops, our solutions deliver results in a fraction of the time required to get the job done elsewhere.

Building On Strengths

We help individuals and teams discover more effective ways for them to work rather than trying to apply a one size fits all approach. This means that the processes and behaviours continue in the workplace because they are natural extensions of what they were already doing.

Do What It Takes

We ask you what you need to change and then help you get there using the most effective tools. You will get change that produces clear tangible returns on your investment with us.

Strategic Approach

We understand that there are no quick fixes. We invest in getting to know you and identifying where you can improve your team and organisation’s performance – be it things that we, you or your people need to implement. Solutions mean we continue to support you and your team between and long after each interaction.

Delivering Return On Your Investment

Our solutions deliver equally for the bottom line as they do in improving employee motivation – we don’t simply talk about ensuring return on investment – we are doing it every day. This approach has been developed over 20 years in partnership with some of the world’s leading organisations.


The basic premise has been used successfully across a wide range of applications including:
  • Assessment and development centres.
  • Business and product innovation.
  • Customer service improvement.
  • Developing high performing teams.
  • Employee retention and satisfaction.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Leadership development.
  • Management development.
  • Process and project management.
  • Talent management.
  • A business focused review after a simulation from

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