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Conference Break Out Activities

Bring your messages to life with conference break out activities and icebreakers

Conference Breakout Activities

What I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I understand.

By adding interactive content to your next conference, we can help energise your audience and bring your messages to life. Here are a few examples of our conference break out activities – but we can design activities around any concept, theme or theory. Activities last from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Board Room Game

Teams must trade their way into maximising profit and taking control of a set of 8 keys.

Bonus Seekers

Teams work as marketing companies competing in an international market aiming to build as much profit as possible.

Bridge Too Far

Teams race to construct the perfect bridge from limited resources in order to carry a remote control vehicle successfully from one side to another.


Members must describe the their team mates must using only facts from a roles and responsibilities sheet

Human Orchestra

Test delegates team working skills as well as their musical talent

Invisible Maze

Test delegates memory and teamwork skills as they work their way through the invisible maze.

Mouse Trap

Delegates work as a team to create an enormous 3D functioning sculpture. With surprises throughout, there is a wide variety of tasks within the exercise meaning something that will appeal to every member….

One Beat

Delegates’ rhythmic skills and team working skills are tested as they aim to create a drumming masterpiece

Team Coaster

Delegates work together in teams to strategically transfer one or more balls from one area to another in a race against the clock

The Big Picture

Delegates have the opportunity to recreate an individual piece of artwork given to them which will ultimately contribute to the creation of a masterpiece. The ultimate teamwork experience


Delegates get active and learn moves in teams, learning to move together to the same beat.


Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush • Knowing Me, Knowing You • Shlorn Exchange • Build A Bike • Cannon Run • Noughts and Crosses

Teams must trade their way into maximising profit and taking control of a set of 8 keys from

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